Semi-permanent makeup , also known as micro-picmentation or cosmetic tattooing, is an advanced technique which will enhance your natural beauty and add shape & definition to your features.
The procedure involves applying tiny colored pigments beneath the first layer of the skin, following the same basis principles as tattooing. This pigment will stay in the skin for a number of years.
Gradually fading with time. The longevity of the results will depend on your age, skin type and lifestyle.
All of VyBrows treatments are tailored to suit each individual’s needs and no customer’s treatment is the same.
*VyBrows Service guarantees with no pain, no bleeding, no swelling but gaining natural beautiful instantly!

Vybrows với trên 15 năm kinh nghiệm và không ngừng nghiên cứu những kĩ thuật mới nhất . Luôn giữ tiêu chuẩn * đẹp tự nhiên * không đau* không sưng * không chảy máu * không trổ màu xanh-đỏ.
No eyebrows? No problem – Vy brows will help you to have the perfect and natural look eyebrows, either for men or women. We’ve been doing Permanent Make-up (PMU) and Microblading for more than 10 years long and we did satisfy many clients with great results of the perfect eyebrows, eyeliners or lips.
Especially we have the best technique to fix your eyebrows shape and color, we call it “Shape and color correction”. For example, your eyebrows are not balanced or the color of your old tattoo turned green or red, with this technique, we will cover your unwanted eyebrows shape or color and then make a new one for you, you will be surprised with the result of Vy brows special techniques.
With the strong and enthusiastic team in Houston, we love to bring the beauty and the confidence to your life. It takes only a couple hours to be prettier at Vy brows PMU & Microblading so what are you waiting for, contact us today at this page or come to visit us at 12536 Westheimer rd #702 Houston TX 77077.