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Vy Brows beauty is a place specializing in microblading training in Houston. With a team of experienced teachers and a modern teaching equipment system. Graduates have the opportunity to work at large microblading salons with an income of up to 200,000 USD/year

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. You were so professional and the organization was at a 10 out of 10! I can't thank you enough.
Riana Inez
The Microblading class is more than affordable, and they give you more than enough supplies. It's an investment in yourself, and they make it worth your while. They teach you everything you need to know to start your own business, or if you just want to do it for fun. You will not regret this decision!
Chole Lotte
Vy Brows Beauty is such a great academy with such a talented team of instructors! I'm always impressed by the microblading course in Houston. The artistry is amazing and the brows are so natural. With their shaping and designing techniques, they provide flawless brows for clients. Vy Brows has really taught me a lot about how to shape a natural-looking brow and how to be a better stylist in general.
Niko Leet

Why Choose Our Courses?

Our Microblading training course provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of Microblading. From a comprehensive introduction to the art of Microblading to a hands-on workshop, our program will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need. Our classes are small and structured so that our students can receive the most personalized attention and instruction tailored to their learning styles. This is the optimal instructional environment for learning as it allows us to do what we do best: Helping people achieve more of their potential.

Master Thanh Vy is a leading microblading training in Houston

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About Microblading Training Of Vy Brows Academy

Yes, we are here for you; Vy’s Brows microblading training offers a variety of courses for those interested in eyebrows. These courses will teach you to design and shape perfect eyebrows. Coming straight from Houston, where the best student of Brow and Microblading came from, our classes are small and hands-on with training by our Master Brow Technician and Owner of Microblading By Ms. Thanh Vy. Your time is now; take your chance, dive into this blooming field and find yourself a new career light.

Full Microblading Course

• Skin Identification – Layers of the Skin
• Different Brows Shaping Techniques.
• Eyebrows Shading Ombre .
(Stardust Brows, Ombre Technique)
• Eyebrows Micro-blading.
• Eyebrows Hair-strokes Technique.
• Lips Permanent Makeup.
(Lips Ombre, Collagen Crystal Lips)
Eyeliner Permanent Makeup.
(Stardust Eyeliner, Winged Stardust Eyeliner)
• Permanent Makeup Correction & Removal.
• Nipple & Areola – 3D Tattooing Techniques.

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The Value You Receive?

You will be able to complete your certification requirements with the help of this program as long as you have the necessary knowledge and skills. Additionally, as part of this course, you have the opportunity to interact with various instructors and other students, which helps you grow your professional network. The beauty industry has been booming in recent years, and with this training, you can easily find a job that suits your skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Special price $ 6900 if register for full course. Donate immediately free full kit supply when register for full course

You don’t need to prepare anything when studying at Vy Brows. We provide full equipment and models for you to practice

After the final lesson. We will issue a certificate microblading for you

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